My 365 Day Challenge, Day 1

365 Day Challenge 001

I tried at length to find the origin of the 365 day challenge before writing this blog entry. Best I can tell, it was a project of Taylor McKnight to document, daily, one year of his life through photography. It sounds like a great idea so—starting today—I begin my 365 day journey. My goal is to post one picture per day until September 15th, 2013. In a perfect world, I’ll operate within these parameters:

  1. Attempt to capture the day in a single shot
  2. Not limit myself to one picture as much as one posting. The shot I post shall be the one that best meets the goals of this project
  3. Use shots taken on a DSLR, in full manual, and with some degree of appropriate post-processing
  4. Describe the photo within the parameters and goals of the project
  5. If I need to break one of these rules to keep with the goals of this project, then I shall do so deliberately

I want to accomplish the following goals with my 365 day journey:

  • Become a better photographer
  • Learn to experiment more
  • Document my daily life
  • Give myself an excuse for continual blog posting
  • Learn to see things differently
  • Add meaningful goals along the way
  • Create a photo book at the end of the journey

About This Photograph

Probably not the best thing to do on day 1, I actually worked with three separate parameters on this photo. First, I tried to create a composition with which I was not previously familiar. I actually never knew that the “rule of thirds” was actually following the golden ratio (though in retrospect, I cannot see how I failed to notice this). In this composition, rather than following the rule of thirds, I decided to use the diagonal lines to create a composition of golden triangles. Tiger’s head and paws rest at the intersections of those triangles. I actually like how this came out.

The second parameter was posing a difficult subject. Anyone who has seen my cats know they are extremely camera shy. I’m also weak as a photographer on posing models. By working with a model who hates my camera, cannot understand what I say, and gets distracted by catnip-filled mouse toys, I had to come up with creative posing techniques. This one in particular was created by dragging the aforementioned catnip toy just behind the lens to the left of the frame.

The third parameter was healing. I’ve taken several other good photographs and I didn’t know how to remove annoying distractions from the shot. For this, I purposefully left a black fuzzball above Tiger’s ear and in front of his paw to remove them before posting the final image. In the process, I was able to also detect and remove another stray fuzzball I hadn’t previously noticed.

How This Captures My Day

Today’s been very lazy. I’ve been recovering from last week’s Splunk conference in Las Vegas. Tiger lounging around really describes what I’ve done all day, aside from this photo and some time looking over a project that has to do with cats. I think I did a decent job of capturing the day.

In tomorrow’s photograph, I think I’ll try to work with just one or two things.

I’ll also be tweeting all of these photos with a link back to the respective blog posts using the hashtag #photo365. Follow @_PaulStout on Twitter to join me on my journey!

Finally, I’ve decided if I miss a daily photograph, it’s forever lost. If I fail to post a photo I took, it’ll come the next day :)

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