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Perfecting the Corvette

Corvette Grand Sport Wallpaper

I’ve done a lot of changes to the Corvette Grand Sport over the past 5 weeks and wanted to wait until most of the mods were installed before taking more photos. As with most of my car photos, I try to recreate the feel of ads that I’ve seen for similar vehicles. I’m not usually a fan of selective color images, but the title photo seemed well suited for it. This car makes it really hard to use my normal processing settings for bringing back a blue sky in a non-HDR daytime image. Continue reading

Rainy Day in Wine Country

Vice Versa Wine Tasting

With a couple of days off work, Lisa and I headed up to St. Helena to enjoy a stay at the fantastic Meadowood Resort. On the way I picked up a new helmet at Wine Country Motor Sports on Sonoma Raceway and on the way back, we met Patrice and Samantha of Vice Versa wines. The only disappointing thing about the trip was the continual rain—I had my Mark III with me but didn’t want to risk it in the deluge. That left me with Instagram. Continue reading

The Journey Home

Last February I took a trip back to my hometown of Bossier City, Louisiana. Although the point of the trip was really to show Lisa where I grew up and meet some friends ahead of a wedding, I did get a chance to snap a few photos around various places I lived/frequented as a kid. The textures on these shots are some of my favorites of any set I’ve done to date.

Updating a year’s photography backlog, round 3.
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Boom, Headshot!

Splunk's Mike Regan

Did you know that I offer services for professional headshots usable in corporate presentations, LinkedIn profiles, resumes, or pretty much anywhere else you need a clear, well-lit photo? Shameless plug, but if you need a shot please contact me and we can set up an appointment!

After receiving my third request to draft an organizational chart and realizing I didn’t have high-quality images of my team to include, I offered an hour of my day to do photos for the IT team. We had 15 teammates take the offer and one of our conference rooms was converted to a makeshift studio today for about an hour over lunch.
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Kyoto Panorama

If Instagram was the easiest place to start on this photo catchup, my panoramas would be the second easiest as I’d previously uploaded all of them to my Flickr photostream. One of my favorites, the photo above was taken from a bridge in Kyoto, Japan. Also from that shoot came one of my most favorite abstract shots viewable via my portfolio page. Most of these panoramas, when printed at 300dpi, are longer than six feet!
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