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Ocean, Corvette, and a Model

May. It’s really been May since my last update. I log in excited to post a new set and end up irritated at myself. Well, I’ve certainly shot since May so those will be going up in the coming weeks. ANYWAY!

I was thrilled to shoot with my good friend Emily Leon over the weekend! We set out with ambitions larger than the amount of time we had but still managed to get some pretty spectacular shots Continue reading

Playing with Fire

This is one of my favorite shoots to date. It combines several art forms that I love—photography, cosplay, and fire—and presented several unique challenges in capturing. We originally wanted to shoot this overlooking the Golden Gate bridge but were constrained to the buildings due to fog.

One of the more unique aspects of this shoot is the illumination of the subject. Most fire photography that I see does a stellar job of capturing the trails created by the moving fire objects but keeps the subject obscured or blurred due to the long exposure. By manually triggering a strobe off-camera during the exposure and shooting through an extremely dark aperture, I was able to bring out the model very sharply and still get the amazing fire trails. Continue reading

Saving the Salami

Taking a break from the catchup posts with some recent work. With construction soon to begin on a new 6-story office building beside our salami factory-turned-office building, Facilities put out a call to capture this hand-painted sign from the original 1907 tenants. I was lucky enough to get balcony access at the building across the lot that will become the new office building. More images after the break. Continue reading

The Traveling Queen

To preserve trademark integrity, I’ll simply call this session the traveling queen from a popular, 37-year-old science fiction franchise recently rebooted. The header photograph shows the mobile studio setup used for this session. There are actually four Speedlite 600EX-RT strobes in the shot. Two in the softboxes for primary lighting, one with a diffuser for shadow fill, and one obscured by the stool to soften cast shadows. Although all of the strobes were set manually, the ability to natively and reliably pass ETTL data between the strobes and back to the body without line of sight is spectacular. I’m also a huge fan of the group mode enabled by the 5D Mark III, and I realize I need a larger softbox.

Some of the photos below the break are not safe for work. Continue reading

Imperial Shuffle

These photos were from a 501st legion shoot for Star Wars Day. The parameters included capturing 501st members near national landmarks and we chose the Golden Gate Bridge for this location. I also learned that the DMV has no pity for those that do not understand how the then-new automated toll system works :( For a while, one of these photos was used as the header image for an official Star Wars blog entry on the event! Continue reading

Perfecting the Corvette

Corvette Grand Sport Wallpaper

I’ve done a lot of changes to the Corvette Grand Sport over the past 5 weeks and wanted to wait until most of the mods were installed before taking more photos. As with most of my car photos, I try to recreate the feel of ads that I’ve seen for similar vehicles. I’m not usually a fan of selective color images, but the title photo seemed well suited for it. This car makes it really hard to use my normal processing settings for bringing back a blue sky in a non-HDR daytime image. Continue reading