What If?

With Liberty and Justice for All (data)

Imagine a world where you receive this email from your doctor:

Hello John,

I’m writing you to schedule a preventative care procedure. We’ve noticed ____ and, left untreated, this is a known predictor of heart disease. With this minimal procedure, we can prevent that from happening. Please contact my office at your convenience to schedule an appointment.


Dr. Smith

Imagine a world where your home shuts down all non-essential appliances when you and your family go on vacation to save power, reduce your carbon footprint, and minimize wear-and-tear on your costly electronics and appliances. Read more…

The Power of Choice

I lost another battle against myself last night. I took something personally and let it hurt me. In doing so, I probably hurt the person who said it. If I had paused for just a moment to see it for what it was, it wasn’t their words. It was someone else’s. Read more…

Lessons in Hacking Myself from Wushu

Starting wushu was one of the best choices I’ve ever made. I have a really fun way to express myself, keep fit, make new friends, reduce stress, learn more about my body… I keep finding new ways to appreciate this sport and have completely fallen in love with it. I get to learn swords, spears, and staff and I’ve always been fascinated by kung fu and swordsmanship. Read more…

On Managing My Stress

I’m not going to lead this one with a clickbait title.

I’ve been a user of the Headspace app for about 9 months now. Before this, I’ve never really tried any sort of meditation or mindfulness. For the longest time, it was vilified as almost a pagan worship ritual (or at least that’s how it came across to me). Once I dispelled that belief, I just didn’t know how. It seemed such a foreign concept. Read more…